Sunday, March 3, 2013

Can you ever have too many aprons? (A Cafe Press Giveaway!!)

When I started this blog nearly 4 1/2 years ago, I didn't own a single apron. Now I own 6... and am constantly wanting to grow my collection. This was the aprong that started it all when I won my very first blog giveaway back in 2009:

It still gets top billing in the apron drawer, along with my "Kiss the Cook!" apron that was too cute to resist. I was looking around the Cafe Press website the other day and got the itch to add to my collection again when I saw these funny aprons:
"I like cooking with wine - Sometimes I even put it in the food!"

"Yes, I am a SUPERHERO... and I'm fully aware that my cape is on backwards..."

"Party like a Crock Star"

And let's not forget the guys, they have some really funny men aprons, too:
"Real Men Make Waffles"
"I'm to sexy for my hair. That's why it isn't there!"

Since the apron drawer is already getting a little hard to close (need to move to a bigger one!), I resisted. But you don't have to, because I teamed up with Cafe Press to give a $25 gift certificate to buy whatever apron (or t-shirt, hat, stationary, smartphone case, etc.) you want!

Entering is simple - get 1 entry for leaving a comment about what you'd use the gift certificate for and 2 entries for becoming a follower (or if you already are a follower!). Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter -- and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Kay Maher said...

I love Cafe Press! I would use it towards the "I Shoot People" Field Bag...,574033038

Lily Ashley said...

I would definitely love the backwards cape, I always tell the kids that's what my apron is!!!

Marti Parks said...

I love cafe press. I would get the "paddle faster, I hear banjos" tee shirt. Thanks!

Amy said...

Their aprons are so much fun! IF I won, I would love to get the "It's hot in here" one. :P Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

amy [at] utry [dot] it

Aubrey Laine said...

I'd love to buy a fun onesie for my baby due in August :)
rafflecopter name: Alaine

Shut Up and Cook said...

My apron collection is somewhat infamous. There are cupcake aprons, flower aprons, antique aprons, aprons with horses on them. But if you ask me, a girl can never have too many!

Jennifer Blanton said...

I would get a cute owl tshirt-owls toohoo shirt

Molly Elwell said...

I would love to get creative and design my own. So fun!