Monday, April 16, 2012

Odwalla Game Day Challenge - Part 2

Last week I told you all about how I got to go shopping for sports equipment & Odwalla smoothies to donate to a very deserving group of kids as part of the Champions for Kids Game Day Challenge.

I managed to get a pretty good collection of things - with a case of Odwalla smoothies, a T-ball set, extra baseballs, a few jump ropes and 2 sets of Velcro catch paddles. But, seeing as I never know "when to say when" when it comes to giving, I couldn't resist adding something more before I packed everything up to head over to Casa de Amparo. After all, what good is a T-ball set without some mitts to catch those fly balls with? So, I bought a couple to add to the collection:

I also boxed up the case of smoothies for easy transport:

I was kind of hoping I might get to see some of the kiddos who'd be using the equipment at Casa de Amparo, but it turned out to just be an administrative office:

That makes a lot of sense, though, considering one of their primary populations served is abused and neglected children. Safety for the kids is key. And as you can see - it's a pretty simple building - no marble statues or glittery facades. It's a good sign that the money they're raising is going to those who need it most.

So while I didn't get to see any little eyes lit up with delight, the donation coordinator assured me they would be very happy to see everything I was able to get. She said the items would be shared between their children's shelter and their daytime development center. Between the two, we'll be helping preschoolers (who those little T-ball gloves will fit perfectly) through teens (who I think will love that basketball!). I think it's a perfect fit for the goal of this #OdwallaCFK SIMPLE Service Project - to give all kids the chance to be more active!

To learn more about Champions for Kids and their SIMPLE Service Projects, visit them at or check them out on Twitter or Facebook.

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Jen@BigBinder said...

I think it's wonderful that you shared with these kids!! I'm sure that someday, even if it isn't right now, the kids that are on the receiving end will wish that they could meet you in person, too - to say thanks.


When it comes to giving, I have a hard time saying
"when", too! You were so generous and gracious with this project, and the children are sure to appreciate your donation, even if they weren't able to meet you!