Thursday, October 6, 2011

We've been Boo'd!

When the doorbell rang at 8:45pm the other night, I had no idea who it might be. We're still fairly new to the area and don't know too many people yet - especially people who would be coming for a visit at that time of night. So, I flipped on the light and peered out the peephole - nothing. So I peeked out the window. And there I spied a little package on the front mat. It was a bright Halloween goody bag. When I opened it up, I found some goodies and this poem inside:

I'd never heard of this game before, but apparently it's been around a while. Basically, whoever starts it makes up a few bags of Halloween treats and copies of a "Boo" sign and the above poem and secretly drops it them on a few neighbors' doorsteps. Then those neighbors each make 2 more goodie bags and copies of the poem and secretly drop them on other doorsteps. Rinse, lather, repeat. I just think this is such a great idea! It's a fun way to build a sense of community and do something even people without kids can enjoy.

So, of course I had to participate. I found copies of the "Boo" sign and poem here, so I printed them out and attached them to Halloween treat bags filled with chocolates and a miniature pumpkin. Last night, after dark, I snuck up to the neighbor's front door, dropped the bag, rang the bell and ran like heck to the next neighbor's house. I dropped the other bag there and then hauled it home before anyone could see me. I felt like mischievous kid - so much fun! And Mr. Valley Writer got some amusement from watching my shenanigans from our 2nd floor window, too. I hope our neighbors got as much of a kick out of it as we did.

Have you ever heard of the Boo game? Do you do it in your neighborhood? (If not - why not start a new tradition?! All the instructions are included in the link above!)


N.D. said...

that's so cute! hopefully it helps ya meet people too!

Rita said...

Never heard of the Boo game;sounds fun.