Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A surprise visit from the Fairy Hobmother - you could be next!

If you read a lot of cooking blogs, you've probably heard of the Fairy Hobmother by now. She hails from Appliances Online and goes around granting kitchen wishes to lucky blog commenters. (Hob, by the way, is the term for a stove top in England. So, the Fairy Hobmother is really quite a fitting name for a granter of kitchen wishes!)

I recently left a comment on Kahakai Kitchen's recent post and low and behold, this morning I found the Fairy Hobmother had visited me too! She left a nice gift certificate to Amazon, which I think I may use to buy some bread forms. (Though at 100° F today in sunny southern California, I'm rethinking the desire to bake!)

If you'd like a visit of your own from the Fairy Hobmother, leave a comment on this post. If you're lucky, she might just grant you your very own kitchen wish!


HeatherA said...

I've never heard of the Fairy Hobmother - what a fantastic idea! Happy to hear you were paid a visit! :-)

Melissa @IWasBornToCook said...

I've been seeing her around a lot lately and wishing I'd be picked. Let's hope this time is a charm! :)

Amy said...

Congratulations on the Fairy Hobmother's visit! How lovely. Yes, it's way too hot in Southern CA! But that didn't stop me from baking though...hehehe...Maybe a wish to the Fairy Hobmother for an ice cream maker is a good idea? Summer certainly is not over yet, especially in CA!

Debs @ DKC said...

LOL I could sure use a visit from the fairy hobmother. Since moving into a new home I'm still awaiting the fitting of granite worktops, hob, sink and tap!!!!!! As my husband says, no such thing as a 5 minute job!

I'll remember to tell him that when dinners taking so long due to lack of kitchen facilities LOL.

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