Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Woefully behind...

I keep thinking I really should do a blog post. I've got recipes and pictures waiting... but it just never materializes. Between working, taking care of the house & fruit trees and running errands, bedtime seems to come earlier and earlier every night. (I can't even imagine how parents add kids into the mix!!)

Plus we just got back from a trip back east to find our nectarine tree fully ripe and already dropping fruit. In between recovering from the inevitable airplane cold, we've been rushing to save as much as we can - freezing, canning and baking. Cross fingers, I think we're finally getting it under control. Lesson learned: fruit trees don't take vacation or sick days!

No time for pictures or recipes today, but so far, I've made a nectarine cobbler, nectarine crumble and nectarine muffins. Promise to share just as soon as we get a break!

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