Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fresh Orange Marmalade

I mentioned in my last post that our new home has a lovely bunch of fruit trees in the backyard. In reality, it's practically an orchard! Or at least it seems with just the two of us here. We have 2 avocado trees, 2 orange trees, 2 grapefruit trees, an overachieving lemon tree (think I'm kidding? see below), a nectarine tree, a tangerine tree, a plum tree and an apple tree.
Have you ever seen that many lemons?!

Thus far, I've made many batches of lemonade, as well as a couple of batches of lemon bars and as many lemony dinners as I could come up with (like lemon shrimp, chicken piccata, lemon pepper fish). I am loving having such bounty in our backyard! But I got so focused on using all those lemons, that I didn't notice the explosion of ripe fruit occurring on the back of one of the orange trees. Those bright orange orbs had somehow managed to tuck themselves under the leaves, so it was only when I was doing some pruning that I noticed a bunch ready to go.

In addition to some amazing fresh-squeezed orange juice, I also made a batch of orange marmalade. I used Alton Brown's recipe and was happy with the results:

I used my food processor to make slicing the oranges and lemon a snap. The only thing I might try next time is using less sugar, or maybe adding another lemon. My oranges are pretty sweet on their own, so the marmalade is now REALLY sweet. But I didn't want to mess with it on the first attempt. No worries - there's plenty more oranges for next time!

Got any ideas for using up some of my lemons and oranges? Please share!


"Prof. Kitty" said...

YUM! That's funny, I was just craving orange marmalade yesterday and bought a jar of "Sicilian Orange Fruit Spread." I will eat it on biscuits in just a few minutes. But wish I could taste yours too, it looks delish! One citrus recipe I like is a fruit vinaigrette. You boil down the juice of 1 orange and 1 lemon and then use it in a dressing with a shallot and oil & vinegar (clearly I am not with the recipe right now). It's nice and fresh and sweet-tart.

Rita said...

I am so impressed; making your own marmalade! Crazy about it but never would have though to make some; congratulations. Love your adventures Valley Writer. Enjoy your orchard; wish I was there!