Thursday, March 31, 2011

Piper & Zoe Take San Diego!

We have safely arrived in California! We're living in temporary housing for a while, so most of our stuff is still somewhere in the middle of the country, but we've got the important things here with us. Two of the most important things, of course, being our cats - Piper & Zoë.

I know I've mentioned my "girls" and their various escapades a few times... but this was certainly the biggest adventure for them yet! The fact that they were coming on the plane with us was a fascination for many people we talked with the move about. I guess you don't see (or hear) cats on planes very often. They actually did very well - better than I expected. They meowed almost all the way to the airport (over an hour's drive), but after that - barely a peep. Piper just let out a couple of yelps when we ran through some turbulence - but I think I heard some humans do that, too!

Here's a quick photo tour of the "Piper & Zoë Take San Diego" journey:

Zoë says: "I'm ready to go, Mom! (But that flash is awfully bright....)"

Made it through security (no pat downs - whew!) - now we're just waiting to get on the plane

Piper was wide-eyed at all the goings on

Ready for take off!

One flight down - now enjoying a ride on a moving walkway in Chicago

What to do with your cat when you have to use the airport loo (in case you were wondering)

 Second flight down - we've arrived in California!
Settling right in at the new place - Piper finds her spot
And of course, Zoë's found hers, too!


"Prof. Kitty" said...

Yaaay! Glad the trip went OK, and thanks for the photo essay on one of the most intriguing aspects. Go Piper & Zoë! What intrepid felines.

N.D. said...

This is really funny because today I was just telling one of my friends that I like the name Piper and think it's really cute but that it might sound like a pet's name. : ) Glad you made it! Look forward to some fun Cali cooking!

Rita said...

Happy you made it safe and sound; there must have been some excitement at times with your girls.