Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big News!

If you're coming right to the main page and not reading this through a blog reader, you'll see we've got a new look. It's a hint about the big news.

We're moving to California!!!

So, there won't be any adventures in the Pioneer Valley for a while. But I'm not going away - just changing the blog name and the look.

I'll probably be MIA for the next few weeks as we wrap things up here in Massachusetts and get settled in on the opposite coast. I can't wait to start taking advantage all of the amazing, fresh California produce and getting cooking in the kitchen again. See you then!


N.D. said...

that is so exciting!! California is an awesome place to be and live, and cook! good luck packing up. Congrats!

Amy said...

Welcome to CA, my dear. You're going to love it here! :)

Rita said...

What a great road ahead of you. I can imagine you will be really busy; keep me posted on your new blog and new venture.

Jenn @leftoverqueen said...

Best of luck you two! We will miss you very much but excited for your new adventure! :)