Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Quick Trip to the Land of Sunshine

Last Wednesday, I spent my day snow blowing, shoveling and otherwise freezing my butt off cleaning up after 2 storms in a row that socked us with about 18 inches of snow.
 (Yes - there really is a mailbox in there... somewhere)
(The 29 inch snowbank outside my front door)

On Saturday, I was 3,000 miles away enjoying sun, sand & warmth:
And flowers:
And cupcakes!!
Yeah... can you tell I was a little excited about that cupcake?!
Mr. ValleyWriter was traveling again for work and I was lucky enough to join him for the weekend in sunny California. It was a very quick trip involving more airport meals, airplane-as-bed and time zone changes than most people would consider handling in a weekend - but it was totally worth it just to get away from the white stuff & the cold.

We spent the weekend putzing around southern California - checking out the Gaslamp Quarter, the San Diego Port, the beaches and even Downtown Disneyland. (If you're not in the know on this, Downtown Disneyland, in Anaheim, is a little shopping/entertainment district right outside the Disneyland Parks. They have a Rainforest Cafe, big Lego store (where you can even play with the merchandise!), live music, beautiful fountains and gardens, and more. It's a good way to spend a few hours strolling around. And it's FREE!! Even parking is free for the first few hours!)

Of course, we definitely enjoyed some good eats, as our stomachs often guide our amblings. At Disneyland Downtown, I went to The Cupcake Store and got the strawberry shortcake cupcake featured above. I know everyone is saying that cupcakes are so last year - but it was a darn good cupcake! Perfect buttercream (not too sweet), moist, fluffy cake and a delicious strawberry baked right inside. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

I hope to have at least one more post about my trip, as we found an awesome breakfast place in Encinitas that deserves mention. But I'm waiting on the pics from the hubby's iPhone. Hope to have - and share - them soon!


N.D. said...

CAlifornia sounds wonderful after seeing all that snow (and we have it here too)! Sounds like a great time and the cupcake looks yummy.

Rita said...

Sounded like a wonderful time; don't you just love those cupcakes.
Are you back in the snow? Been a long winter.

Velva said...

Welcome to a bit of sunshine! I know that you enjoyed the sunshine and warmth. Southern California is a wonderful place to visit.


btw, I came over from Sage Cuisine to say hello.