Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Traditions

I was talking with my mom this morning - and reading some related blogs lately - about the over-commercialization of the holidays. One particularly annoying phenomenon (to me anyway) are those darn car commercials that seem to have grown in leaps and bounds this year. Seriously - who gets a new car for Christmas? Especially given the current economy? (And how do you get it inside your living room, to boot!?)

It almost makes you feel bad if you go with something simple or even something homemade. But the key there is that it *almost* makes you feel bad. In reality, no one should feel bad about any gift they give. Getting all stressed out and uptight about gift giving goes against the whole idea of the holidays. While I celebrate Christmas, I believe that's true no matter what holiday you celebrate.

Now, that's not to say that I don't participate at all in the commercialism of the holidays. Admittedly, I do buy gifts for others and I also make some things. But the most important part of the holidays for me is actually spending time with the people I'm bringing those gifts to. I look forward to the various get-togethers - from the big luncheon with my mom's side of the family (where there are so many people, we have to rent a hall!) to the quiet morning coffee I'll enjoy with my in-laws on Christmas morning. These are the moments I treasure. To hug my loved ones a little tighter, to share in the happiness so clear on little ones' faces as they dance to Christmas music, and to just be together - that's what I'm looking most forward to.

(See? Even the cats get along on Christmas!)

Of course, being the foodie that I am, I'm of course looking forward to some yummy goodies, too. In part for the taste and in part for the traditions behind them. Auntie's famous baked ham, my mum & I sharing our traditional pre-dinner spiked egg nog and sugar cookie and so on. Yes, suffice it to say, I am in the holiday spirit and ready to begin the celebration with family and friends - only a couple more days to go!

If you find yourself with a moment in between your festivities, I'd love to hear what your favorite holiday traditions are - whether for Christmas, Eid, Hannukah, Yule or any others!

Wishing you peace and happiness this holiday season - and all through the year.


David L Macaulay said...

yes have noticed a lot of cat ads. Noticed a lot of perfume ads. today. Well, to be fair, I guess people do get perfum for the holidays. They're still annoying, though.

Wren said...

Merry Christmas, VW! May your day be filled with warmth, joy and lots and lots of laughter.

Tangled Noodle said...

Hear, hear! It's up to each of us to make the holiday season as personally meaningful as possible again. I loooove homemade treats (even though they mean extra workouts!) to give and to receive.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with cherished moments! 8-)

Rita said...

For me holidays is all about family and getting together.
Wishing you all the best in 2011.

kathryn said...

Aw. This is a lovely post, sweetie! Did you know there are more car ads than any other kind of commercial? I remember reading that...and noticed afterwards that basically every commercial break features two car ads. This is absolutely a pet peeve of mine! (And yeah, I love the ads with the car w/the big bow on it. As if!)

Your kitties look so warm and cuddly...I just wanna snuggle up with them and take a nap. The one good thing about the holidays is that it's a guaranteed chance to see family and friends and catch up...ya know? We always make a point of it over the holidays and that is a good thing.

Happy Holidays, sweetie! Here's hoping all your dreams come true.

Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen said...

This is awesome, Amber and I love the shot of the girls! For us, it is the same, we enjoy spending the holidays with the people we love and eating good food - that is pretty much the focus of the holidays for us. This year I either got small, locally made gifts or made gifts. I think everyone was happy - and that is what we went with!

You already saw my post about how we celebrated Yule.

Wishing you, the mister and the girls a fabulous 2011 - hopefully we will see you!

Anonymous said...

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