Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring happenings...

We've just past the last frost date here in the Valley (or so 3 out of 4 sources tell me...), so Mr. ValleyWriter and I have been busy planting up a storm. We've been doing mostly shrubs and flowers this year. My favorite new additions so far are these tea roses:

I've also planted lots of summer bulbs, including stargazer lillies, fresia, calla lillies and acidanthera. It's my first time planting summer bulbs, so we'll see if they ever come up... (crossing fingers!). I already have had some success with my seed plantings. I'm not doing a CSA farm share this year, so I decided to plant my own herbs. After a couple of weeks of tender loving care (OK, watering & bringing them inside at night; not exactly rocket science), they've started to sprout:

(Sweet basil)
(A lowly little sage seedling)

My plan is to transplant the herbs into a big planter in the garden this weekend. Then I think the planting will truly be complete for the spring. After that, it'll be wait-and-see-and-water... Fortunately, if the herbs don't work out, I know I can find them at the local Easthampton Farmer's market. I got some chives there last spring from Ravenwold Greenhouse and they're up again this year, going strong. (If you're in the area and find yourself free on a Tuesday afternoon, swing by the Easthampton Farmer's Market on Union Street, across from the 7-11. Plenty of free parking and neat things to check out!)


Dreamfarm Girl said...

The rose is lovely. This is my first year with roses and I had one good round of blooms and another about to open. Good luck with all those summer flowers! I too have herbs, but here in TX it's been spring for awhile, so mine are a bit bigger already, and I have sage that's a perennial. Fresh herbs are so wonderful, aren't they?

Jenn said...

What a lovely rose. I wish I had myself a back yard. That the one thing i want if I ever have a house. It must have a back yard, so that I can start a garden.