Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yes - I'm still here!

I think the past week and a half has probably one of my longest stretches of radio silence without being on vacation. I'm still here! There just hasn't been a whole lot of exciting cooking going on around here. Mr. ValleyWriter has been away, so I've taken that as an opportunity to chill. Dinners have been haphazard - some couscous and sundried tomatoes, black beans with salsa and rice - stuff that takes no time to put together (and that hubs wouldn't be too impressed with).

But, thankfully, Mr. ValleyWriter is on his way home and I'm writing now while dough for cinnamon rolls rises and custard for crème brulée bakes - all in anticipation of his return. I plan to have the cinnamon rolls waiting for him in the morning, then I'll make a spicy chicken and andouille pasta for dinner, followed by his favorite dessert - vanilla bean crème brulée.

As for many, food is an expression of love for me. For many years, it's been one of the biggest ways I've shown I care - about my parents, my partners, my coworkers, my friends. If you think about it, nourishment is really the first act of love we receive in life. For me, feeding others fulfills that need to nurture. And oh how Mr. VW will be nurtured when he returns tomorrow ;-) Recipes & photos to come soon!

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Cocina Savant said...

can't wait to see some pictures of the cinnamon rolls! i'm sure the aroma filling the kitchen is amazing :)