Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Suppers: Chicken & Apple Meatloaves

A lot of food bloggers out there post about recipes they've tried from great magazines - Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, Food & Wine, etc. Well, my recipe tonight comes from a magazine, too. Only, instead of featuring unique (sometimes hard to find) ingredients, many intricate steps and sometimes unusual methods (boiling chicken in plastic wrap?!?! yes, I read it in once in Cooking Light) - this recipe is simple, easy and delicious.

Where's it from? A magazine that is perhaps more well known for its cleaning tips than for its recipes - Good Housekeeping!

While I never really thought of GH as a "cook's magazine," I've tried several of their recipes now and I've always been happy with how well they turn out. I've made this Chicken and Apple Meatloaves recipe twice and the only thing I tweaked the 2nd time was to only cook the apples for 10 minutes. I thought they got too mushy when they were in the oven for the full 20 minutes. But other than that - this is a great recipe! The apple that gets incorporated into the meatloaves keeps them very moist and the fennel tricks you into thinking you're eating something much more savory than chicken. This is definitely becoming a regular in our household - Sunday nights or otherwise!

(Note: Click on the link above to check out the recipe; it's copyrighted, so I can't repost here. And no, I'm not getting any compensation from GH for posting this; it's just a really yummy recipe!)


Jenn said...

I have a couple recipes this past couple weeks that were inspired from one I found in magazines.

you know, I haven't had meatloaf in such a long time. I think it's time I make some.

Miranda said...

I must admit. I am always afraid to make a dinner with fruit. The sweet and savory, but this looks fantastic.
I might have to give it a try.

kathryn said...

Well, they SHOULD be compensating you for promoting their recipe...especially based on that photo, which looks positively scrumptious!

I hope Mr. VW realizes how lucky he is to have such an excellent cook-