Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brewing Beer - Part 3: Time to Bottle!

It's been just over a week since stage 2 of beer making, which means it's time to bottle! Mr. ValleyWriter really did all the work on this stage, given my hands and wrists aren't 100% yet.

While I was out doing the groceries, he was at home cleaning and sterlizing bottles and our equipment. He also mixed up a priming syrup with water and corn sugar and added it to the beer to get the bubbles going again. Thanks to the awesome automatic primer that my friend Prof. Kitty let us borrow, we didn't have to refer to the YouTube method I mentioned last week to get the beer siphoning into the bottles. Just a few pumps and look at it flow!

After filling up the bottles, he popped on the caps:
Rinse, lather, repeat and voila - a box of beer!
Now we have to wait 2 weeks for the beer to become carbonated before we can enjoy it. Can't wait to see if all of Mr. VW's hard work paid off! I'll let you know!


my spatula said...

oh! brewing beer is something my husband has been talking about doing for years!! he is going to be so excited when i show him this.

Ed Schenk said...

Awesome! Been there,done it! Homw brewed beer is the best!

Jenn said...

Another 2 weeks?! I don't know if I can wait that long. hehehe...