Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CSA Farm Share - Week 6

This week was another good haul of greens, squash, beets, peas, carrots and even some cucumbers from the CSA:

I'm most excited about the kale (can't wait for more kale pesto) and the cucumbers (which I'm going to try my hand at pickling). Just waiting for the tomatoes now... we're all crossing our fingers that they survive the massive amounts of rain we've had lately. It's rained something like the last 25 days out of 30 or something crazy like that. Oh well - at least we haven't needed to water the lawn yet!


Alta said...

I am jealous of your yummy CSA share. There is a CSA in our area...I've been on the waiting list for about 3 years!

ValleyWriter said...

Wow, Alta! I've never heard of a 3-year waiting list!! Our CSA offers their shares each year on a first-come, first-serve basis....
Good luck for next year!