Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's a bear invasion! Easthampton Bearfest 2009

Our little town is coming up in the world! Our local arts council, Easthampton City Arts, has put together an incredible city-wide exhibit showcasing life sized bears decorated by local artist throughout the town, similar to the famous Cow Parade in Chicago. Today was the official unveiling of the bears - and they were a sight to behold! There are 20 life-sized bears and 15 smaller bears placed throughout the downtown area - on display for all to see, touch and even take pictures with.

These little (or not so little) guys are on display through October, when they'll be auctioned off during a week-long celebration of art and culture. You can check out all the details online and find BearFest maps at local businesses, like the Big E supermarket (that's where we got ours).

To whet your appetite (or in case you can't make it down to see them in person), here are few examples of these incredible works of art:

"This Bear is Worth a Thousand Words" by Luke Cavagnac

"Bear, Bath and Beyond" by Christopher Woodman

"Aurora 'Bear'ealis" by Michael Fitzgibbon

"Aloha Bear" by Silas Kopf

"Madam Bearterfly" by Jeffrey Calvi

"Peace Bear" by Maria S. Parasiewicz

"Clementine (the Circus Bear)" by Amy Johnquest

"Ursa Major" by Adell Donaghue (I think this might be my favorite)


Jenn said...

Those are so cool. For a minute there, I thought the title of the post said "beer". My eyes have deceived me. But I guess I know what I'm craving at the moment.

Anyway...Those bears looks really cool. I remember a city doing something similar. I can't remember which one, where they decorated angels.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

How cool! I hope I get to see them - we will be there in October, so chances are good! I like the last one too! They have moose in Bennington,VT and horses in Ocala, FL where my mom lives.

ValleyWriter said...

JennDZ - They're here until October 15. I do hope you make it in time to see them - we can tour together!

Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

These are so precious. We do something similar in El Paso, but with Suns, since we're known as the city of the sun. I love all of them..especially the "Soap" one. How cool is that?!