Monday, June 1, 2009

First CSA Share Pick Up of the Season

As I've mentioned a couple of times before, we bought a share of the harvest from our local community-supported agriculture (CSA) farm here in Easthampton - Mountain View Farm. Today was our first pick up of the season and we netted quite the bounty considering how early it is in the season (many people don't plant around here until Memorial Day!):

The official haul this week was 2 heads of lettuce, a bag of mixed salad greens, 2 bunches of bok choy, a bunch of broccoli rabe, 6 scallions, 6 radishes and 6 baby turnips. Now, we normally eat a good amount of veggies in this house - but I think this is a bit more greenery than I originally bargained for. No worries, we'll just be eating lots of salads this week!

Beyond the lettuce, I don't have a lot of experience cooking with the other veggies, but I'm excited to try some new recipes. To me, part of the benefit of joining the CSA was to stretch myself in the kitchen, and it's nice to see we're starting the adventures right off the bat. The biggest challenge this week, I think, will be figuring out what to do with the radishes and turnips. I normally wouldn't choose either (and Mr. ValleyWriter has already declared he has no interest in any dish made with them), but I'm willing to give something a try. Maybe I'll do some maple roasted veggies or something. If you have any ideas - please let me know!


Nila Rosa said...

Yum! Beautiful looking produce and I bet it tasted great. One day, I would like to purchase a share, but that won't be until I get more leisure money coming in.

LK- Healthy Delicious said...

nice! I wanted to join a csa this year too, but the hubby wouldn't go for it. He hates veggies. So I just drag him to the farmers market with me every week.

I made this recipe recently and it turned me into a radish convert. Its pretty freaking awesome.

Tangled Noodle said...

What a bounty! I wish I could offer some ideas for using the radishes and turnips but I also don't cook much with them. I hope you'll share with us if you find something tasty!