Thursday, April 30, 2009

Touring the World... Without Leaving the State

Yesterday, Mr. ValleyWriter and I took advantage of the beautiful Spring weather to take a little day trip. At first, we weren't sure exactly what we wanted to do, but we knew we had to be back by night time and that we wanted to be outside. After some Googling, we decided to go to Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, MA. It's about 1 1/2 hours southeast of the Valley (and 1 hour southwest of Boston), so it was an easy day trip.

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, seeing that New England isn't really known for its zoos. (In general, it's just too darn cold here for most exotic animals.) But on the road in, I caught a glimpse of an elephant and some camels and instantly got excited. It turned out we'd picked the perfect day to go - it had cooled off enough to be comfortable walking around and there weren't too many people there. We paid our entry fee (a steal, in my opinion, at about $16/each with our AAA card) and then spent 2 1/2 hours roaming around, checking out everything from Bengal tigers to giraffes to zebras.

(As you can see, the lions were having a nice afternoon nap...)

I guess I'm just a big kid at heart because I had a great time at the zoo. I'd definitely recommend it as an easy day trip from the Valley - or most anywhere in New England. And it's probably the closest to a trip around the world most of us will get anytime soon ;-)


"Prof. Kitty" said...

OMG, I can't believe there are so many wild animals in Mass! I've got to check this out. Thanks for the report and the wonderful pics! Is that a wallaby???

LK- Healthy Delicious said...

that's so fun- I love the zoo! (except for the snacks...they scare me!) Yot got some great pictures!

Jenn said...

Beautiful animals. Thank you for sharing those photos.

The little animal looks like a gopher. But I could be wrong.

ValleyWriter said...

Prof. Kitty - Yes, in fact, that is a wallaby. They also have kangaroos!

Jenn - the little guy is actually a prairie dog. It was so funny how he stood right up for us to take his picture :-)