Saturday, April 25, 2009

A taste of summer

Today was an incredibly gorgeous day here in the Valley. It was unseasonably warm, which is quite fine with me! We actually broke a new high temperature record, reaching 91 degrees according to the weather folks.

The wonderful weather had us outside working on the house most of the day. We discovered this little guy (or girl) enjoying the tall grass under our backyard waterspout:

And the ValleyKitties (who are normally indoor cats) even got out for a bit of a (highly supervised) stroll tonight:

Don't worry - the bunny remained safe!

So what better way to end a hot summer day than with a barbeque! Mr. ValleyWriter cooked up some tender, yummy smoked ribs that I wanted to share. I'd never smoked anything before, but after he showed me how - I was surprised to see how easy it was. If you have some wood chips (available at discount department and home improvement stores) and a grill - you can do this.
Here's how:


1 c. wood chips (we used hickory)
3-4 c. water
1 lb. country pork ribs
1/2 c. barbeque sauce


Put wood chips in a medium-sized bowl. Cover with water and soak for at least 30 minutes.
Drain wood chips and wrap in aluminum foil, leaving a 2-3" hole at the top of the aluminum foil packet (to allow smoke to escape).
Place wood chip packet on 1 side of the grill. If you have a gas grill, turn only the burner underneath that side of the grill on. Turn it to high heat, close the grill and let sit about 30 minutes until wood chips start to smoke.
Once chips start to smoke, place ribs on the opposite side of the grill, bone-side down. Turn the heat down to medium. Cook for about 25 minutes. Then flip ribs so they are meat-side down. Continue cooking 20-30 minutes until ribs are fully cooked (we cooked them to 160 degrees).
Remove ribs from grill, coat both sides with barbeque sauce and return to grill for 5more minutes.
That's really all there is to smoky, juicy, tender, flavorful ribs. Serve with a side of coleslaw and extra napkins, and enjoy!


Tangled Noodle said...

What a great technique! I have a stovetop smoker but it does permeate the entire house - I'd much rather do it outdoors (where the neighbors can be tempted by the aromas). Mr. ValleyWriter's ribs look outstanding!

Jenn said...

Ah yes, ribs on a nice hot day. Mr. ValleyWriter's ribs turned out pretty nice.

That the only thing that makes me sad about summer days is When I want to grill something I can't because our landlord and manager won't allow it. I gotta sneak it in somehow.

LK- Healthy Delicious said...


It was unseasonable warm here too... I love every second of it! And I'm dreading going to work tomorrow.

Those ribs looks great! I usually leave the grilling up to the hubby though.