Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lions, Bongos and Beaches - Oh My!

Let's play "Where in the world is ValleyWriter." Here are some hints:

Confused yet? It's Virginia! The first 3 pictures are from the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk and the last one is on the beach in Virginia Beach. We went down over the New Year's break to visit my brother and his family. It wasn't quite as warm as I'd hoped it would be, but we still had fun exploring and most importantly, playing with my cute little niece who's almost 2 (and who we don't get to see too often).

In addition to our zoo & beach trips, we also managed to get in a few yummy meals (of course!). One of them was at Rockafeller's, just a few streets back from the beach on the Rudee Inlet. The restaurant sits overlooking the inlet, with boats passing by and the sun gleaming off the water through the tall windows. We went for lunch and had quite a variety of great seafood options to choose from as well as a few non-seafood options (but when you're at the ocean - you might as well take advantage of it!).

Mr. ValleyWriter and I both went for the fish & chips lunch special. After we put in our order, our waiter brought out a bread basket. But this was no typical northern bread basket. In addition to warm slices of French bread, it also had incredibly moist hunks of cornbread. I think your arrival to the South is incomplete until the cornbread has been served!

After enjoying too much bread (as usual), our fish and chip plates came out. Each had about 3-4 pieces of lightly battered white fish (haddock, I think), tartar sauce, waffle french fries and tomato salad.

The fish was incredibly fresh and perfectly cooked. It wasn't greasy at all, which can be a downfall of fried fish. The tomato salad was a refreshing way to break up the fried fish and french fries and added a lighter feel to the dish. Little ValleyNiece had the kids pasta and she seemed to really enjoy it. The waiter was also very nice to her, so I think it's fair to call this a good family-friendly restaurant. If we're back in VA beach in the warmer months, I'd definitely try Rockafeller's again to get the chance to sit outside on the large deck and watch the boats go by.


Doris said...

We often visit VA Beach for the holidays. I'll have to try this restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked what we picked!! from your sister in law