Friday, December 12, 2008

Organica Deluxe = Eco-friendly Decadence!

When I walked in the door last night, Mr. valleywriter immediately asked me "Did you order some organic shoes?" I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about (do they even make organic shoes? wait, what am I saying? I'm sure someone has tapped that market...). Then he showed me a bright blue box about the size of a shoe box with the label "Organica Deluxe" and I remembered that FoodBuzz had offered to send me some organic cookies to review.

Mr. valleywriter was much more excited about the prospect of cookies than of shoes, so he tore into the box while I got dinner ready. After some shuffling around, he pulled out a pack of 2 cookies. At first I was a little disappointed with the company that they used such a huge box for 2 cookies. But then I saw a label inside the box that explained they ship in 1 box (that's recyclable) with lots of all-natural, biodegradable packing peanuts made from cornstarch in order to avoid doing the typical inner box/outer box that most other companies do. They also use a beautiful blue tissue paper packaging that's made from 75% post-consumer recycled materials.

OK - so they're forgiven for the big box. And they get kudos for the beautiful blue colors of the box & tissue - it almost made me feel like I was opening a gift from that other "little blue box" store. So on to the cookies. I received 2 Organica Ginger Cookies made with 100% organic ingredients (flour, egg, spices, etc.). These big beauties were topped with sugar and looked absolutely delectable:
But I've been fooled by delicious looking food before - the real test is the taste. And boy oh boy, these ginger cookies did not disappoint! They were soft and chewy and nicely spiced. They tasted like fresh homemade cookies and to Mr. valleywriter's delight, there wasn't a hint of that "health-food" taste to be found (you know the one!).

We quickly gobbled up the 2 cookies we were sent while dinner was cooking (ahh... the joys of being a grown-up - no one to yell at you about ruining your appetite before dinner). I was so impressed, I hopped online to see what else they sell at Organica Deluxe. I was impressed to see the wide range of products, from beautiful, organically-grown fresh roses to organic truffles and wines to artisan crafted platters and bowls. Right now they have free ground shipping (use the code FREESHIP at checkout) on a ton of products, making this site a great choice for eco-friendly holiday shopping.

And one last note, not only did FoodBuzz & Organica Deluxe end up sending Mr. valleywriter and I a neat little early holiday gift, they also inadvertently send one for the kitties, too. Turns out the all-natural packing peanuts are a great kitten toy:

And since they're all natural, I didn't even have to worry about Piper running around with one in her mouth, which is a nice change from usual things she tries to take off with (headphones, buttons, etc.).

So from the whole valleywriter family - thanks FoodBuzz & Organica Deluxe!


Heather said...

Your kitty is so cute! And how cool to taste test something like that. The cookies sound delicious!

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Sssweeet! I used to pop those corn-starch peanuts myself as a kind of party trick when I worked at a book store about 10 years ago. They taste like Kix... Oh, but the cookies sound pretty good too!