Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mmm.... Coffee....

Mr. ValleyWriter and I headed out this past Saturday to our one of our favorite Saturday morning breakfast haunts, only to find it closed! On the one hand, I was happy to see they were taking extra time around the holidays, hopefully to spend with family. On the other hand, I was sorely disappointed to miss out on their freshly made, warm doughnuts I'd been craving for a days.

We soldiered on to find another spot for a decent cup of coffee and a light breakfast. That's when I remembered the Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters store on Union Street in Easthampton. (They actually have 4 locations in Western MA - Shelburne, Shelburne Falls, Northampton and Easthampton.) We'd been to the Shelburne Falls shop and enjoyed it, so we figured we'd give this shop a try.

The Easthampton shop reminded me a lot of the Shelburne Falls shop. Very rustic, yet artsy, with coffee beans and paraphernalia everywhere:

They have a wide variety of different coffees, blended coffee drinks, iced coffee drinks, tea and hot chocolate to choose from. That morning, they also had coffee cake, some muffins and croissants, as well as breakfast sandwiches. I ended up ordering a cafe vanilla (basically coffee topped with vanilla-flavored steamed milk) and a bagel with their homemade sun-dried tomato and jalapeno cream cheese. Mr. ValleyWriter went with their French Roast coffee and a bagel breakfast sandwich. The total came to $9.65, which is pretty comparable to the famous chain that starts with D, but a lot cheaper than the one that starts with S.

My coffee was very good - not too sweet or rich like some blended drinks can be. My bagel was a little overdone, but the cream cheese was excellent. It had just the right amount of jalapenos to give me a little kick, but not scorch my tongue. Mr. ValleyWriter enjoyed his coffee and breakfast sandwich, though he said it was a little strange that they'd only used egg whites in the breakfast sandwich. (I told him maybe they were trying to help him eat healthier, but then he pointed out that the sausage patty kind of canceled any healthy attempts out, so who knows!?)

All-in-all, I'd say Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters is a good alternative for a quick bite and a great cup of coffee. But it still doesn't replace my favorite doughnut shop! (I promise to share the identity and review that shop the next time we visit and I have my camera with me.)

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