Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 Seasons in 5 Days - Up Next, Summer?

If you live in the Valley, you can attest to the craziness of the weather the last few days. On Saturday, it was fairly seasonal with temps in the mid- to high-30s, so that counts as fall-like (for New England, anyway). Sunday afternoon, the winds started whipping in, bringing in frigid air and snow squalls. Monday the high was only about 20 degrees and with the wind, it felt a lot colder (definitely winter-like). Yesterday morning was still cold and winter-like, we even had a dusting of snow in the morning. But by afternoon, some warm spring winds started moving in and the high got up to the low 50s. Today, it's a rainy spring day with temps in the mid-50s!

Since we have been following the pattern of the seasons, I'm convinced that summer is up next. My weather forecast for the Valley calls for clouds giving way to sun and the temps climbing into the mid-70s. Get out your bathing suits! It's July in Christmas! :-)

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