Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time to Celebrate!

Guess I picked the right saying in my last post - "third time's the charm" as far as voting goes! Not only did my choice for President prevail, so did my choices for state officials and proposals. I think I finally found my political "home" here in Massachusetts and the Pioneer Valley. Let's just say they're a little more conservative where I'm from back up north...
So how did I celebrate this incredible day? With chocolate, of course!

When we were in Newport this weekend, we stumbled upon a little chocolate shop tucked away on Bowen's Wharf. The awing read "Destination: Chocolate" - in other words, my version of heaven. How could I resist?
Walking into the store, I was at first surprised to see mostly packaged chocolates. They were high quality brands, but I guess I thought there would be rows and rows of handmade chocolates with a store name like "Destination: Chocolate." As I made my way to the back of the store, I did find the handmade chocolates - and they were worth the wait. I was immediately struck by the beauty of these chocolates. So beautiful, you almost feel bad about eating them (almost).
There were 14 different handmade chocolates to choose from, including caramel, coconut, strawberry, raspberry, Oreo and peanut butter and jelly, to name a few. These chocolates were dear (about $2.50 each), but to beautiful to resist, so we decided to get a "sampler" box of 4. After the proprietor of the shop described each of the chocolates to us in detail, we chose a Venezuelan, an espresso, a raspberry and a caramel.

First up - the Venezuelan.

This was compared by the shop proprietor to a vintage bottle of wine. The chocolate is a pure Venezuelan dark chocolate variety (not a blend) and it's flecked with edible gold. Biting into the Venezuelan, my first thought was how incredibly smooth it was. While it is a dark chocolate, it was very delicate on the tongue - not bitter at all, in my opinion.

Next on the list - the caramel.
Again this little beauty was incredibly smooth. The caramel melted on the tongue, with no stickiness or chewiness. It was almost like a liquid caramel, except the center wasn't liquid. This is definitely the best caramel chocolate I have ever had.

Third on the tasting menu was the espresso.

This milk chocolate truffle had a smoky, smooth espresso filling. It tasted almost exactly like a chocolate covered coffee bean - except without the crunchy grit of the bean (my least favorite part!).

And last but not least - la piece de la resistance - the raspberry.

The design of this chocolate was the most amazing, in my opinion. The fiery red and snow white swirls were incredible against the dark chocolate background. And the taste? Just as wonderful as the appearance. The raspberry infused filling was more tart than sweet - the perfect complement to the smooth, rich chocolate outside. It occurs to me that this is almost the perfect chocolate for celebrating the election with - if only we could add a little blue into the mix - it'd be a true All-American truffle.

Needless to say, Destination: Chocolate will definitely be on my list of repeat destinations the next time we visit Newport. Hopefully that will be well before the next election celebration!


Pam said...

Tuesday was a great night for a lot of us! The chocolates are a perfect way to celebrate - I love the raspberry one.

Anonymous said...

I visited Newport in mid October and stumbled onto Destination: Chocolate. The proprietor took me on a tour of her beautiful shop. When I told her I had just learned I was diabetic - she returned to some of the chocolates and taught me what to look for so I can still enjoy an occasional chocolate without guilt. So I induldged and wow great smooth beautiful chocolate that in small doses did not adversely affect my blood sugar. I live In Las Vegas and will definitely mail order more.

Varsha Vipins said...

those r some gorgeous chocs..:)

turkishfoodandrecipes said...

These chocolates look yummy!I don't know anybody who can say "No" to chocolate! Thanks for sharing

eric said...

They are Norman Love chocolates. You can see them here