Sunday, October 26, 2008

A new addition to the ValleyWriter family

Mr. valleywriter and I decided that valleykitty was getting restless in this big new house all by herself and needed a friend. So we headed out to the Dakin Animal Shelter in Leverett, MA in search of a new addition.
Our only criteria going in was that the new cat be smaller than valleykitty, since we didn't want valleykitty to be at a disadvantage in her own home. Valleykitty is a petite 8 lbs., so that pretty much limited us to cats under a year old. The Dakin Shelter actually had 3 rooms of cats for us to look through, but we quickly narrowed our choices down when we were mesmerized by 2 little kittens eager for our attention.

One of the little ones was a tiny 8-week old black kitten who was loving, affectionate & playful - but not too kitten-crazy. We then noticed that she also had extra toes! Polydactyl cats are sometimes also called Hemingway cats, after the famous Ernest Hemingway and his polydactyl cat Snowball who lived in Key West, FL. Mr. valleywriter & I were married in Key West - so we felt it was kismet and this little black puffball was meant just for us.

She loves to play... and she loves the computer. Yup, she's clearly our child!

While the innocent usually remain nameless on this blog (and often faceless, as you'll notice Mr. valleywriter never shows his full face... kind of like Mr. Big on Sex & the City never revealing his real name...), we can't have 2 valleykitties. So, the original valleykitty, Zoe, warmly welcomes her new baby sister, Piper, to the family. Welcome home Piper!!

Our early Halloween treat!

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JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...


Piper is adorable! She is so lucky to have you two and big sister Zoe! :)