Monday, September 15, 2008

The Valley's On-Again-Off-Again Start to Fall

I just mentioned last week that signs of fall were coming early to the valley. Today I think Mother Nature got confused (or decided to mess with my head). When I went out for a run at 6:15am, it was already 70 degrees. It was also 90% humidity, giving the air a humid, thick summer-like quality. On most morning runs lately it’s been between 50-60 degrees and long sleeves have been the order of the day. I was cursing my long sleeves the entire run today as sweat poured off me.

For a couple of hours I thought (OK - hoped with reckless abandon) we might be in for an “Indian Summer” this week. I even wore short sleeves to work (very rare for me). However, as I drove through Northampton on my way to work, I saw a breeze moving in and pulling leaves off the trees. Children had brought their sweaters to the bus stop. Obviously they (or more likely, their moms) knew something I didn’t.

When I got into work, my little desktop forecaster told me the humidity would fall throughout the day and we’d get back to more “seasonable” weather by tonight. In fact, there was even another frost warning for the end of the week! Ahh… dreams of summer dashed again.

But that’s OK, because true to my vow to enjoy fall, I must admit I found the bright red and orange leaves falling off the trees this morning very beautiful. I watched them twirl through the branches to the ground and skitter across the sidewalk before finally coming to rest nestled in the still-emerald-green grass. And the promise of sunny, breezy afternoons the rest of the week have me longing for my college days, with long breaks between classes spent lounging on the Quad for the first few weeks of school.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love sunny summer days, 80- to 90-degree weather and sipping cool drinks by the pool... but maybe this fall thing isn’t so bad, either.

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